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Browedit 2.0 Map Editor Ragnarok

Browedit 2.0 Is map Editor Ragnarok

Whats new:

  • Major Update: Mirror or Simmetry at object edit mode: allows to mirror complete maps at the RSW file. Useful for simmetry maps. Experimental for now. (press M to simmetry)
  • Major Update: Bug reporting: Extension, once you have a crash, a crashlog can be send to borf by mail.
  • Major Update: Height edit mode: Initial work at this mode. Left click to select an amount of tiles, right click and drag to add height or decrease it. Look for the radial menu (spacebar) to find the “height edit tools option” and disable the smoothness at heights.
  • General bugs fixed and clean ups. :P

We all know how great and useful is browedit these days, that it has become the unique choice at Ragnarok Mapping. We will always be thankful to Borf, who has created this tool years ago, and now, since the past year, he has been working with a new version of it.

Screen Shoot :





directionmapeditor directionmapeditor2


Features already working:

  • Faster and more efficient, even at complex camera distances.
  • Real-Time Rendering of Changes Made
  • Multi Core support (before, past browedits were only for 1 core)
  • RSM Animation
  • Texture Edit mode *partially*
  • Texture window list (which is optimized and loads fast)
  • Object Edit Mode *partially* (which now, replaces object group edit mode of past brows)
  • Rotate, Position, Resizing and multi selection are supported.
  • Sounds
  • Effects

Some TODO:

  • Water rendering
  • Add Undo Structure (probably Redo aswell)
  • Config Window
  • Start Working on More Edit Modes.
  • Saving.
  • Add Skybox (a fancy feature that will add sky to maps. Probably it can be linked to fogparametertable.txt)

Possible New Features:

  • New Lightmaps
  • Proper Lightmap calculations across models
  • 3D RSM Models editor inside Browedit probably with animation support (/me hopes)
  • Multi-User Share Mapping (multiple mappers could work on a same map in real time)

We have to be thankful with Borf that has been working on this project for a long time. If you have programming skills, you can be part of this project, please  don’t hesitate to contact me by PM. Please support the project by giving us feedback and nice or useful ideas that would make browedit 2.0 improve. Also, please avoid to report constantly bugs or glitches, one time is enough. Keep in mind this is under progress and not a release version.

Motivation is always welcome. Share this project and show us your support to make it possible.


Download Link

Google Drive

Edit: config.borf.json with your current RO directories. Input with your keyboard your config name once you open browedit.exe and asks for it. Your graphic card must support OpenGL 2.0+~ to run this software.



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